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About ProSoils

     ProSoils Inc. was founded in 2013 by the Prosko family with the goal to become a premiere ag retailer serving the north east area of Saskatchewan.
     We carry a full line of seed, chemicals and fertilizers. ProSoils is proud to offer premium NH3 equipment as well as aerial application of chemicals via helicopter!
Our Company

Prosoils Inc. is a family owned independent retail business.  We have recently bought a full line of NH3 equipment and are excited to provide this valuable service to local farmers.


We place great importance on the proper use and handling of our products and equipment to insure a safe work evironment for the employees and customers. Employees are required to obtain the necessary tickets and take the required safety courses. Our facilities and equipment are inspected and certified to proper code to ensure safe operation. 


Our focus is on the customer and trying to anticipate their needs.  ProSoils strives to provide crop inputs and custom application at competitive pricing with top notch service offering exceptional value to our customers. 

Environment & Sustainability

ProSoils believes farmers are the best stewards of the land, and places a strong focus on sustainable agricultural practices. We participate in the Clean Farms program, recyling chemical jugs and proper disposal and handling of hazardous materials. Crop inputs replenesh the nutrients in the soil taken out by food production. With proper soil management testing we can improve soil health, ensuring a safe and sustainable food supply. Through these practices we are working towards preserving the environment for future generations to come.

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