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Products & Services


ProSoils provides high quality fertilizers available in many different forms. We offer anhydrous ammonia (NH3), as well as nitrogen, phosphates, sulfer and potash in liquid and dry forms. We also sell high quality sulphur fines and a full suite of micro nutrients.


ProSoils offers a full line of chemical from herbicides and insecticides to premium fungicides and seed treatments. We are your one stop for all your in crop needs and services. 


ProSoils is proud to be a supplier of some of the top yielding canola varieties and multiple herbicide systems. We offer the best hybrids from Dekalb, Invigor, Brett Young, Syngenta and also supply Nexera varietys for IP contracted customers. Every year we run a large scale plot including multiple varieties and herbicide systems to provide the best yielding information for customers in this area.


ProSoils has a full line of NH3 equipment as well as two dry fertilizer floaters and high clearance sprayers. Our equipment has the capability to apply agricultural products at constant and variable rate to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Custom application is available for NH3.

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